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Expand Access to Telehealth

As a pharmacist, Oscar has seen what happens when people cannot access quality healthcare in a timely manner. The pandemic showed us that we need permanent solutions to provide Texans with easier access to the medical services they need. As State Representative, Oscar Rosa will support legislation to improve telehealth and make telemedicine services more accessible and affordable.

Lower Prescription Drugs
Fight Inflation R.png

Fight Inflation

The Biden Administration came in with big promises, but they have given us nothing but high gas prices and massive inflation. Oscar Rosa will work to support our Texas economy and combat the effects of federal mismanagement.

Figh Inflation
Gas Prices R.png

Support Texas Energy

The oil and gas industry are critical to the success of our South Texas economy. Oscar Rosa will stand firm against the “Green New Deal” that actively attempts to undermine our energy industry, and he will protect our local jobs.

TX Energy, Gas Prices
Secure the wall R.png

Fight Human Trafficking and Drug Cartels

Too many people in the Valley have suffered due to crime, human trafficking, and drug cartels that make our communities unsafe. Oscar Rosa will work to add more law enforcement along the border to protect South Texas families. 

border d1-8603.jpg
Fully Secure the Border
Property Tax R.png

Cut Property Taxes

Property taxes are too high. As State Representative, Oscar Rosa will support a bill to lower property taxes by 25%. He will work for real tax reform and fight to secure meaningful property tax relief. 

Lower Property Taxes

Keep Transgender Propaganda Out of Schools

Boys shouldn’t be in girls’ locker rooms or sports, and children shouldn’t be told their bodies don’t show their “real” gender. Oscar Rosa opposes the federal agenda of indoctrinating our kids with transgender lies. He will never allow drag shows or transgender studies to be taught in our schools.

Poverty Cycle.png

End Cycles of Poverty

Oscar Rosa is running for office because he is tired of seeing poverty and crime hold back the people of the valley and South Texas. Oscar Rosa believes it is time to end these cycles and work for prosperity and growth in our communities.

End Poverty Cycle
School R.png

Support Education

Education changed Oscar Rosa’s life. When Oscar Rosa entered college, he couldn’t even afford textbooks. But Rosa worked hard and fought through every challenge. After college, Rosa opened his own pharmacy to provide jobs and healthcare right here in the Valley. He knows firsthand that we must support education to build a better future for our South Texas communities. 

Support Public Schools
Small business.png

Support the Texas Economy and Small Businesses

As a successful small businessman, Oscar Rosa understands that excessive taxation and regulations hurt job growth and hurt our economy. As State Representative, Oscar Rosa will support policies to support local small businesses, fight policies that hurt our economy, and help create jobs. 

Small Business
TX Infrastructure.png

Improve Infrastructure in the Valley

Our communities have been neglected by elected officials for too long. Oscar Rosa will fight for increased state funding to fix local roads, improve our neighborhood sidewalks, install more streetlights, and invest in flood prevention.

Valley Infrastructure
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